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World Kindness Day

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Today is World Kindness Day, so I just wanted to say a few words.

It is so important to show kindness to others. You never know what someone else is going through. Everyone has different feelings and experiences, and you cannot invalidate other people’s feelings because they are their own. Just as you wouldn’t want someone invalidating your feelings and experiences.

Kindness helps us grow, become more connected. It helps us tap into one another and build understanding and empathy.

Most importantly, you need to be kind to yourself. We are 100% our own worst critics. Most of our negativity is drawn inward, and I’m sure most of us out there find something to criticize about ourselves on a daily basis. Whether or not it’s at the forefront of our minds. We can be so hard on ourselves and so concerned with what everyone else is thinking. It’s almost funny because we can get caught up in comparisons and knocking ourselves down, when in reality the person right next to us might be doing the same thing.

Break down your walls. Open up. Be kind to yourself and let that kindness infect others. Wash away the negative thoughts (easier said than done, I know). But just remind yourself that you are enough. And so is the person next to you. And their mother, father, sister, brother, friend, partner, teacher, coach.

You are deserving and worthy of all the love and kindness.



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