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Why I Ditched My Scale + Full-Length Mirror

Good morning guys!! Happy Thursday! We’ve been so lucky with such beautiful weather lately and hopefully you’ve been able to get outside. ALSO I hope my guest post about running was super helpful for you- especially with summer fully present I’m sure many of you like to workout outside but might not be sure how to kickstart your running goals. Although I’ve been a runner for over ten years, I don’t have the knowledge that my friend Iwona does. I can only base my knowledge off personal experience (lol my whole blog) but Iwona is a coach and has RAN ACROSS THE COUNTRY! She’s badass. Anyways onto today’s topic.

So ever since I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, my life revolved around the scale for a while. I had to be weighed 3x a week to ensure I was gaining weight, but after I recovered the scale just seemed unnecessary. I found myself weighing myself wayyyy more frequently than I should. Although it wasn’t causing me any harm, it certainly wasn’t doing any good. Plus, I was trying to develop the mindset that weight is just a number and that the scale don’t matter.

I think this mindset was finally engrained when I interned for the National Eating Disorders Association. I was surrounded by people who all strongly supported and demonstrated the philosophies I was striving for. When I came home from New York that summer, I ditched my scale and never looked back. There isn’t even a scale in my house at the moment. After that, when I would go to the doctor, I would ask to step on the scale backwards not wanting to know my weight. Ignorance is bliss, right? It was wonderful- I went through life not worrying about the number. As long as I felt great and continued to keep my body healthy that was all that mattered.

For my first Whole30, I went to my physician before and after. Both times I saw my weight and at the end when I realized I didn’t lose any weight from the Whole30, I was ecstatic! I was happy because I realized weight didn’t play a role in my journey of becoming a healthier version of myself. Health doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss/gain. So now when I go to the doctor, I can see my weight without it affecting me one bit, because I know it’s just a number and no representation of my health or how I feel.

(But disclaimer, also consult your physician if weight is an issue for you/you have questions)

As for the mirror- I always had a full length mirror in my room. I mean, who doesn’t? But for me, EVERY morning and night I would “body check” and essentially I’m sure we’ve all done this, but it means to literally check out your body but pick out the negatives and parts you don’t like. I got into a nasty habit of doing this morning and night (even though our bodies look pretty different in the morning when we wake up and at night after a day of activities, stress, and eating). I even tried writing positive words of affirmation on the mirror to change the negative talk into positive self-talk. That did not work (at least as well as I wanted it to). So finally, I ditched the mirror. I was like, okay I really only need my bathroom mirror and a small face mirror in my room to get ready and usually the first thing I do in the morning is get my coffee so that eliminates “body checking” and negative self talk. I told myself I can only use the full length mirror (in my parents bedroom) for when I’m fully dressed (obviously to make sure the outfit works) and no body checking.

So far, I’ve gained a much bigger appreciation and love for my body. It’s not the first thing I think about when I wake up anymore or the last thing I think about when I go to bed. There are so many other important things that I can occupy my mind with that doesn’t involve numbers or rolls.

What I’m trying to say is- if you’re struggling with your mind being occupied by your body image and number on the scale- ditch them. Rely on your mind and body telling you you’re beautiful instead of needing to see it to believe it. Allow yourself to truly feel it- because it’s true no matter how your body looks or the number on the scale. Diet culture has taught us these negative habits, and it’s time to break them.

So bye bye scale and full-length mirror, you will not be missed.



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