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Whole30 Recap, Round 4!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Wawaweewa! Finishing up another Whole30. I do say, this was the best one yet! I feel so amazing, I don’t even want to change a thing.

Like I talked about in my last post about Whole30, this one was all about consistency and making meals that would last me a few days. I really wanted to add variety and color into my diet- that was the goal, along with drinking a shit ton of water.

In my last few Whole30s, this was something I lacked. I didn’t drink enough water and then found myself compensating with a shit ton of fruit, which made me super gassy and just in discomfort a lot.

So basically, my goals were:

-Drink More Water: to do this, start off the day drinking a lot of water because I know I get worse about drinking water as the day goes on.

-Meal Prep: make meals/dishes that will last like quiches, spaghetti squash, sauteing a boatload of veggies, freezing veggies, canned salmon, etc.

-Consistency and Variety: make meals and snacks consistent and each week try adding a different vegetable.

These things made a huge difference in my Whole30- I found this round to actually be easy. Sure there were some days I was craving a bit of sugar, and if I was, I allowed myself to have some dates or a bit of fruit, but took the time to ask myself if I were truly thirsty or craving something sugary.

Prepping made it easier to just grab and go and drinking more water helped me feel more satiated after meals.

Skin- usually in all of my Whole30s my skin breaks out around day 12. I never figured out why but I have a few theories. I’m not sure if it’s because I go balls to the walls with eggs in the beginning of my Whole30s or if my body is adjusting to detoxing sugar from my system. But usually within a week it bounces back and I can tell in all my Whole30s, my skin tone becomes way more even and I look a little brighter!

Skin at beginning, middle and end (Left-Right)

Sleep- since I’m an avid napper by choice and I already sleep very well at night- really the only thing I noticed was that I slept deeper.

Energy- it was always hard for me to get up because I think I slept so deeply every night, but I didn’t feel groggy at all. Once I was awake, I felt way more energized and clear that not on Whole30.

So moving forward after Whole30- I love continuing to eat pretty similarly to Whole30. I feel my best, my digestion is great, and I stay on top of my water intake. But with anything, it’s super important to have balance and still go out for drinks or have cake on your birthday!

Overall- Whole30 like I’ve said before is about lifestyle change and the ability to nourish your body with wholesome, nutritious foods!

For more info about Whole30- visit their website or my last post about it!



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