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Whole30 Approved Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers and Milks

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Man! Am I excited to be home or what? I love vacation, but I after longer vacations like 10 days, sometimes I can’t wait to get back home and into a routine. I can honestly say my body has been craving greens and the Whole30, which I’ll probably start soon to reset my body and get my digestion back on track.

After completing three Whole30s, I know finding coffee that you enjoy every morning is difficult. Since I can easily drink my coffee black, it wasn’t too much of a transition for me, but I honestly just got bored of black coffee everyday. Sometimes I like to spice it up with a latte every once in a while but can’t drink an almond milk Starbucks latte because of the sugar.

That’s why I wanted to find some sugar-free, dairy-free creamers that you can mix up with your morning coffee each morning when doing the Whole30.

You can make or buy your black coffee however you please. Usually I make my coffee with a Keurig, French Press if I have fresh ground coffee, or buy black coffee from Starbucks.

In a few posts, I mentioned how I add Vital Proteins Collagen to my coffee everyday, which doesn’t give it any flavor but they do have options that provide you with great flavor and are sugar free!

Here are my top favs:

So Delicious-

This coconut milk creamer is amazing. Gives your coffee a slight coconut flavor but also packs in the creaminess.

Simply Almond Beverage-

This almond milk from Trader Joe’s isn’t a creamer, but gives your coffee a light nutty taste where the only ingredient is almonds! So you know it’s super clean, plus you can use it for other uses too!

Vital Proteins-

This brand has amazing coffee creamers that are sugar-free and will amp up your morning coffee. With flavors like mocha and vanilla, you won’t be disappointed. You can buy in bulk or little individual packets, perfect for travel.

If you need more than just creamer, try adding cinnamon to your coffee or sweeten up your milk by blending with a few dates!

I know I can't give up coffee during the Whole30, so you have to get creative and start off your morning right. If you even get sick of coffee, see my last post for a matcha recipe (just omit the maple syrup or honey!)

For more information on what's allowed on the Whole30, visit their website and come up with more creative recipes for your morning!



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