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The Best Superfood Kale Caesar Salad

Happy Friday guys!! Quarantine over here still going strong and for WEEKS I have been obsessing over my new kale caesar salad. It’s SO GOOD and SO GOOD for you! Did you guys know that Americans only consume around 0.05 pounds of kale a YEAR? That’s literally nothing. Kale is super good at boosting immunity and is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Kale does not have to be boring, especially in this salad. Plus, I’ll let you know now I have a kale chip recipe coming out soon- game changer!

One PRO TIP for ya- massage your greens! I’m serious, I mean literally massage your greens. This helps you not only enjoy eating the kale a bit more by not having it so stiff, rigid, crispy, but prepping the green to be more easily digested by breaking down the tough cell structure. So overall, your eating experience with kale becomes tons better just by giving it a gentle massage for a minute after a wash.

I’m also obsessed with Tessemae’s dressings. They have many amazing dressings like their ranch and caesar that taste practically identical to the real thing, but just with wholesome ingredients- even dairy and gluten free! My mom is shocked by how fast I go through a bottle.

This is the perfect summer salad recipe- it’s refreshing from the kale, but calm and warming form the potatoes. It fills you up with a great source of protein and a punch of superfoods. You’re good to go.

The Best Superfood Kale Caesar Salad

Serves 2


1 large head of kale

1 cup spinach (optional)

1 medium sized white potato (can sub sweet potato)

2 medium sized carrots

6-8oz steak (can sub salami)

2 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsp toasted sliced almonds

Tessemae’s Caesar Dressing (as much as you desire)


First, dry rub your steak with seasoning of choice. Cooking method up to you, but usually the fastest and easiest is to just throw on the grill. Usually takes 10 minutes. You can do this first or multitask with other steps. I like to just get it out of the way or even cook my steak on a different day/day before.

Then, take your potato and cut into dice sized pieces. Place in a pan with cooking oil of choice and cover on medium. Check and stir occasionally. While your potatoes are cooking, grate/shred your carrots in a chopper, with a cheese grater or cut into fine pieces. Your potatoes will still be cooking, so take your kale and destem or remove from bag. Wash in cold water and dry. Place in your salad bowl and massage through. Toss in your grated carrots, hemp seeds, and almonds. Cut up your cooked steak and toss in.

For the potatoes, you’ll want them crispy being pretty brown on one or more sides. This will give your salad somewhat of a cheesy/crunchy texture that would replace parmesan and croutons. Toss in salt and pepper. BEFORE putting your potatoes into the salad, add in your caesar dressing. This is just easier to avoid mess. Then add in your potatoes. Voila. Your salad is complete. Less than thirty minutes even if you do decide to cook the steak while making the salad portion.

Sometimes regular steak and potatoes can be boring, so this is an easy way to spice that up and elevate your caesar salad skills. Everyone loves a good classic caesar salad, but this gives you that extra nutrient boost and it’s nice to mix it up every now and then.



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