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Switching Gears With Your Diet- From Winter to Summer

Happy Friday! It’s summer summer summer! I want to talk about switching gears with your diet with the change of seasons.

It’s no surprise that we eat differently depending on the seasons. Like holidays/winter seem more indulgent and summer is more often more active but also filled with more ice cream. With summer having longer daylight hours, we tend to eat more hours of the day. Sometimes, these changes can be hard on us mentally. You may find yourself in a groove with healthy eating and then a holiday and the season changes and you find yourself experiencing different cravings or eating routines. It can be easy to beat ourselves up over. In the summer for us Midwesterners, it’s easier to consume fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer- they are just more accessible and plus it’s summer where we just automatically associate that with an abundance of fresh fruits. In the winter, we may find our bodies wanting warmer, comforting foods when we’re dealing with 6 inches of snow. It’s easy to feel out of control or never consistent and not ever seeming to get it “right.”

These feelings are totally normal. Our body recognizes and is prepared for these changes. Like I always say, our body is much smarter than we think. Our metabolism and weight is meant to fluctuate. Change is our greatest constant. We and our bodies are in a constant state of change. Allowing ourselves to lean into that change gives us the ability to show our body kindness and respect for its needs. Now I’m not talking about eating ice cream and junk food every day, but rather allowing yourself to lean into certain changes and cravings that come with the seasons. Allow yourself to indulge in more fruit during the summer or maybe you eat cookies more often during the holiday season. Forcing our body to do something it clearly rejects will cause stress. For example, in the summer I love raw fruits and vegetables but my body does not crave that in the winter- I love oatmeal, warm sweet potatoes, and cooked rice. I could easily beat myself up over not having a colorful diet in the winter, but it’s what my body wants. Even if I’m not getting as much greens in, my body is happy which will ultimately leave me feeling happy and content. My body is going to feel stressed and “out of control” if I force raw fruits and vegetables during the winter when my body clearly wants comforting, warming foods (that are still nourishing and full of nutrients!)

Bottom line, listen to your body and know that changes during the season are inevitable. Does summer involve more ice cream? Yes. I’ve had ice cream at least five times within the last week and a half, but my body is so happy. Have I had a huge bowl of fruit for dinner a few times? Yes. Because my body was asking for it, and I walked away completely satisfied. (But still make sure you’re getting your calories in!!)

Most of us welcome change in our lives- like a family addition, a marriage, moving, a new job, a new friendship, the current state of our world, etc. so we should welcome change within our bodies, as it’s inevitable. Keep staying active, listening to your body and leaning into the changes that lead you to a happy, content you!



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