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Step-By-Step Guide To Creating The Perfect At-Home Acai Bowl

Good morning! Happy Friday! Not that it matters that it’s Friday or almost the weekend to some of us.

With a lot of restaurants/cafes closed or just doing takeout- it’s difficult to find a good smoothie/smoothie bowl for takeout. Sometimes making your own smoothie just doesn’t cut it.

So today I wanted to walk you through a guide on how to make the perfect acai bowl so you have yet another reason not to leave your house!! It’s easy, I promise and next time you go to the grocery store, you can grab all the items you need for it- or wait for it to be delivered to your house. Up to you!

Step 1: Get Yourself An Acai Base

I use Tropeaka Acai Powder or you can buy frozen acai berry packs at the grocery store by Sambazon.

Step 2: Pick Your Fruit Base

You need some frozen fruit to blend with your acai. I use frozen banana, but feel free to use any frozen fruit on hand like blueberries, strawberries or raspberries. If you need extra sweetness, add a date or sweetener of choice.

Step 3: Pick Your Liquid Base

You will need just a tiny bit of liquid to get that frozen based combined. I will use almond or coconut milk, but you can use water or fresh orange/apple juice.

Step 4: Blend Together

Blend all of your ingredients together, add more liquid if desired.

Step 5: Transfer

You should have a pretty thick consistency, like ice cream. Transfer to a bowl and smooth out the top

Step 6: Add Your Toppings!

Finally, add your toppings. Normally I like all my toppings crunchy, but feel free to add a drizzle of some frozen fruit, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, chia seeds, coconut, mixed nuts- and enjoy!



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