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Skiing Fuel Essentials For Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hello Everyone!

First ski of the season in the books! I traveled with my family to Boyne Highlands and Boyne Mountain this past weekend. We had a blast getting ready to go out west, and I got to demo several skis! We also got to spend time with extended family, which is always amazing and so much fun to be around my cousins. In a few weeks we’ll be heading out west to Steamboat and Copper Mountain! We try to go out west every year, get in some great skiing, and spend time together.

This weekend I was able to play around with fuel for the long ski day. The dining hall is not stocked with the best stuff and the last thing you want to be doing is running to the bathroom after every couple ski runs.

If you’re skiing for a long period of time, like let’s say a long weekend or a week, and you want to keep up your healthy habits (or more important your digestive health) it’s important to keep some proper nutrition and fuel on hand. As much as I love eating fries in the dining hall, I don’t want to do that everyday or I won’t be able to keep up my stamina for the long days.

Whatever winter sport you partake in, make it fun and enjoyable. It can be easy to get dragged down if you’re eating foods out of the ordinary for yourself. Definitely enjoy yourself, but maintaining your health and wellbeing by still incorporating some of your habits is important too!

I found some great ski fuel that you can easily keep on hand- in your ski bag or jacket that will keep you satisfied! My favs are super easy and convenient and clean ingredients as well!

My favorite pre-skiing breakfast is preferably something light. Usually we wake up pretty early, have our morning coffee, get dressed and head out to the slopes and my body doesn’t have time to digest a big breakfast so for me, it’s easiest to stick with something light in the morning and just fuel more often throughout the day than I normally would. This weekend I bought some REBBL drinks and they were absolutely delicious. I chose the Mint Latte and Cold Brew. Both with minimal amounts of sugar and enough protein and fat to start the morning off with. Also, obviously both with a little caffeine because you can never have enough.

My favorite pocket keepers include Justin’s almond butter packets, Gorilly Goods granola, or GoMacro bars- sunflower butter and chocolate is my favorite. These are all super light and small enough to fit into your coat pocket that you can pull out at any time! They’re clean and delicious!

If you’re sick of granola bars/granola/nuts (all one in the same sometimes) I found it still pretty convenient to pack a small bag of baby carrots and Applegate salami slices. Without filling up with too many carrots, the load is still pretty light and a bit more refreshing than granola.

Lastly, my favorite post-skiing snack is a handful of Go Raw sprouted granola. Granola, again. But honestly granola and nuts are probably the easiest things to carry and eat on top of a mountain or on a chair lift. Sometimes I would wait to have this back home with some almond milk as cereal. Or you can have a beer afterwards, that works too.

Either way, keep yourself fueled in the best way possible this season. I know after a day of skiing, we love to hit the bars and enjoy a few pitchers. There’s nothing better than a cold beer after a day of skiing. That’s saying a lot because beer is definitely not my favorite. And well cider for me because beer is not gluten free.

I know everyone hates winter and just looks forward to summer, but find some winter sports to do! Like ice skating, skiing/snowboarding, sledding, whatever else is out there. Sip some hot chocolate or a coffee with irish baileys!




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