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Self-Care Favorites

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Happy Friday!!

I love the start of fall- something about it just feels like a new beginning or a chance to catch your breath and catch up with life. Summer can feel so overwhelming sometimes because you just want to do all the things. I love a crisp fall day where you can stay curled up in bed or taking a morning jog in the cool air or grabbing your favorite fall starbucks drink- even though I take mine the same year round: black coffee (hot or iced) with a splash of almond milk.

Fall is my favorite time for self-care. It’s that sweet spot right after summer and just before all the holidays gear up. I’ve been practicing a lot of self-care lately, so I figured I’d share some of my favorites. Whether big or small, they could make a huge difference in how you start or end your day!

All the Coffee (and Tea)

I’m the type of girl who is obsessed with coffee, so it’s pretty much one of the highlights of my day. I most likely can’t go a day without it, so starting my morning off with a big cup of coffee makes me feel like I’m on the right foot. Coffee brings me comfort, and starting off my mornings with comfort sets me up for a positive day. This may seem silly, but giving yourself something to look forward to in the morning- something that makes you happy- is self care.

The same goes for at night. I make myself a cup of herbal tea every night before bed to wind down and ease my digestion. Self-care right there.

Get a Hair Mask

I’ve been obsessed with hair masks lately. It feels good to know I’m taking an extra step to take care of myself. Hair masks are fun, they smell good, and makes your hair all shiny and smooth afterwards. Sometimes taking an extra 10 minutes in your morning or night routine to apply a hair mask is all you may need to feel better and give yourself an extra confidence boost.

Create A Vision/Inspiration Board

So I did this the other day. I felt like I was lacking motivation in my life and had so many goals/aspirations running through my head it felt overwhelming. Writing it in a journal didn’t make me feel better because I wanted to visualize it more. So I took an old cork board and applied pictures, inspirational quotes, goals for the next month, my workouts, a section where I write a compliment to myself a day, my reading list, etc! I just jumbled it all together, placed it on my wall in my room, and each day I wake up feeling inspired and positive with the reminder of where I want to go.

Try a New Workout

Most times when we need self-care, (well we always need self-care) it’s because we’re stuck in a rut and rundown. Trying a new workout can be so good for you for so many reasons. You can go with a friend, boost your confidence, get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and surprise yourself with your abilities and how strong you are!

Go the the Cider Mill

Fall is all about doing fall things. Getting cider and donuts is a fall tradition and must, and is all the self-care you need on a colorful and crisp Sunday morning.

Girls (or Guys) Night In

If you’re an extroverted home-body like me who loves interacting with people and spending time with your friends but nothing is more appealing than staying at home, then just what you need is a night in with your friends. Pick a favorite movie, have everyone bring their favorite snack, and just spend a night being in good company with good food. It’s good for the soul.


I added this one in because I went to brunch today and it's probably the best meal of the day. Grab your friends or family for a morning brunch, sit outside while the weather is still nice, and make it boozy and delicious!



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