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Redefining Fitness This Year

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Back when I was in the depths of my eating disorder, fitness really wasn’t a part of the equation. I didn’t partake in unhealthy behaviors related to fitness and my eating disorder didn’t have any rules surrounding fitness- it was pretty much non existent and my preoccupations and obsessions focused on food and calories.

Now, when I was in treatment I would go on secret runs- I would lie saying I was going to meet a friend for coffee or something and then go on a mini run. (I wear activewear a lot anyways so that part wasn’t unusual) I didn’t really go on those runs necessarily to lose weight but mostly because I missed movement and I needed to shake the feelings of anxiety I had around food. Nonetheless, it was not a good idea for me to be going on those runs and potentially taking a step back from recovery.

With all that being said, I still had moments over the years where I would be stuck in the mindset of going to the gym or working out solely to lose weight or because it was a punishment. Sometimes I would feel like I would workout because I had to or because everyone else was doing it.

I still struggled a bit with this last year and a lot of the times wouldn’t listen to my body because I was stuck on the idea that I HAD to workout.

Towards the last half of the year, I wanted to stop feeling this way. I knew I loved fitness and movement- I just needed a mindset reset!

So this year- I challenge you to move for YOU! Let’s workout, exercise, stretch, because we love it! Move your body however makes you happy and take rest days when you want and need.

I want to redefine fitness this year to encompass goals and achievements. When I ran marathons, it was all about timing and becoming a better runner, not the many miles that racked up more calories. This year, let’s focus on gaining strength and confidence. Focusing on the little achievements- like you ran an extra half mile or you did stretches every night before bed this week.

Redefine fitness to be about you and not what everyone else is doing. Find your why. It could be anything like mental health, confidence, strength, endurance, abs, weight loss, more energy, flexibility, the list goes on.

Movement is meant to be fun and if it’s not serving you in a positive way, then it’s probably not going to benefit you in the long run.

Personally, I know I don’t want to workout/exercise to lose weight. I want to have fun and connect with others. I want to crush goals and celebrate days where I achieve personal records and celebrate days I stay in bed all day and let my body repair and all the in between.

I love feeling strong and having the ability to take on new challenges. Fitness and movement shouldn’t be a math equation. “If I do this today, then I will lose x amount of weight or can only eat x amount of food.”

Movement and fitness is however you define it and making sure whatever that is, it has a positive impact on your life!

So here’s to fitness/movement/exercise in 2020 being about showing kindness and love to our bodies!



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