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Practical Paleo Inspired Spinach Salmon Cakes

Hey everyone! Here’s to another week of quarantine! Hopefully you’re all staying sane, safe and healthy. Some days are easier than others and I feel like we’ve already been at this for months. Like, it hasn’t even been a month since my workplace shut down. Weird. It just feels like we’re in this alternate reality and not sure when we’re getting out.

But on a different note- I hope everyone is staying healthy and getting those micronutrients in! It’s especially important now to eat a colorful diet. I’m not talking about keeping your waistline in check. I’m talking about ensuring you’re getting your body’s proper amount of macro and micronutrients for gut, hormone, and organ health to build optimal immunity. Immunity starts in the gut!! An unhappy gut alone (I know all too well) can leave you more vulnerable than you think or even want to be.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting bored in the kitchen. I haven’t felt like baking or cooking outside of my meals or preplanned ideas for this blog. My mom loves when I bake bread, muffins and granola bars, but being in the middle of Whole30, I don’t have much motivation because I can’t eat them with her!! (More on Whole30 #5 later)

We cleaned out our pantry, and I realized I had a shit ton of canned salmon. I also remembered that I LOVE salmon patties. You don’t feel like you’re eating canned salmon when they’re in patty form all crispy and savory.

One of my favorite salmon patty recipes comes from Diane Sanfilippo’s Practical Paleo. I seriously love her. She’s another paleo blogger/entrepreneur that I’ve been following for forever. I even got the chance to meet her when she was on a book tour and she signed my book! I look up to so many people in the paleo community because a lot of them taught me about clean food. I mean, they weren’t just like “hey eat this because it’s healthy and green!” Bloggers and entrepreneurs like Diane wanted to explain WHY we should be eating a paleo-based diet and the benefits those foods have on the body. For me, it all clicked.

Anyways, for her Quick & Easy Salmon Cakes recipe, I modified it a bit to fit what I had on hand- and you can too! I would just keep ratios the same to make sure the cakes aren’t too dry or too wet. If you want her original recipe, go buy her book. Otherwise, here’s what I did (and they turned out pretty fucking amazing)

Spinach Salmon Cakes


2 6-oz cans of wild salmon (drained)

2 eggs (beaten)

2 tsp gluten-free mustard

½-1 tbsp buckwheat flour (can use coconut or almond, this was all I had)

¼ cup ghee (melted)

1 cup chopped spinach

3 tbsp chopped celery and onion

“21 Seasoning Salute” (Trader Joe’s seasoning)

Dash of salt and pepper


Make sure the canned salmon is drained before adding it to the mixing bowl and the eggs are beaten in a separate bowl. Combine all ingredients together into a large mixing bowl except for the flour. If you feel your consistency is too wet, add about ½-1 tbsp of flour. Add slowly and mix together as you do so. Mixture should be wet but not runny.

Place about a ¼ cup of oil (I used coconut but you can use ghee or butter) into a medium pan over medium to low heat. Divide your patties into desired sizes. This recipe yielded five patties for me. Place in the pan cooking until golden brown and flip and wait for them to turn golden brown on the other side. I like mine extra crispy so I allowed them to cook for a good 20 minutes total.

I love this recipe because it’s a great way to get a healthy source of fat and some greens! Plus it’s so easy to just grab and go from the fridge or eat as a quick snack.




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