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November- National Healthy Skin Month

Updated: Apr 21, 2020


Today’s post is short and sweet!

Not to start the week off all negative nancy, but I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately. I’ve felt really run down, sick, fatigued and lethargic and partly that’s due to mindset but partly it’s due to they way I’ve actually been feeling. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to have it all together and get a million things done- a feeling all of us can relate to- and my body is saying the opposite. It’s screaming for me to rest and stop and take it slower. Hence, one of my November intentions was to incorporate more yoga to really slow things down.

That’s also why I wanted to focus on other things this month as well-

November is National Healthy Skin Month so why not show myself a little self love through taking care of my skin. My skincare routine rarely changes, and if you follow these links, I’ve shared in older posts the products I love and my current skincare routine.

Whatever your skincare routine is, I know I feel so good just simply washing my face after a long day. Taking care of your skin sets the precedent for taking care of the rest of your body. Our skin is our largest organ and greatest defense against infection. Protecting and nourishing our skin is so important to protecting and nourishing the rest of our body. Our skin is impacted by so many factors from what we eat, how we exercise, stress, sleep, etc. I want to take this month to look at each of these factors and how I can improve each one in order to improve my skin and its wellbeing.

I suffered with acne for many many years, and I don’t want to waste anymore time not focusing on my skin.

Some of my favorite products are Tula, Fresh, my jade roller, and Versed body oils.

Everyone’s skin routine looks different for your skin needs- if you’re having trouble starting a routine, begin by keeping it simple with some cleanser and moisturizer and then build from there. Make it something you enjoy and that makes you feel good! It’s your “me” time!

Be confident this month and show yourself some love!



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