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My Top Five Tips for Bloating

Hey guys!! So you know what I realized? That I always talk about digestion and bloating but I haven’t shared with you my tips and tricks that help me overcome my gas and bloating. I want to share them since I know so many of us deal with bloating for a whole range of reasons. It sucks, doesn’t it? But it’s normal and won’t last forever. Regardless of bloating, your stomach is not going to look the same at night as it did in the morning without any food in it. I know we may want it to, but that’s just not how systems work. Our bodies are constantly changing, transitioning, fluctuating. The sooner we accept these changes and learn that a few pounds, give or take, doesn’t define our worth we’ll be so much better off enjoying our life not worrying about the small stuff.

Anyways, here are my top five ways to reduce gas and bloating:


I’m serious, drink a shit ton of water. It might feel super uncomfortable if you’re extremely bloated, but trust me- the next morning or later that day, you’ll notice a world of difference. Water will in a sense “flush you out.” When really it’s just aiding in your digestion and will help your systems feeling back to normal in no time.


So if you’re like me with usual bloating, gas and digestive distress, fruit is tricky and something to look out for. I’ve learned that I can eat fruit only in the mornings or in between meals (mostly if I’m going five or six hours between meals). Fruit digests faster than any other food group and your digestion is fastest in the morning as well. So eating fruit after a meal that has protein (which digests very slowly)- that fruit is going to want to digest at a faster rate and the protein is going to want to take its sweet time. So you can kinda see then it becomes a clusterfuck. So eating fruit in the morning with a meal or by itself throughout the day will make it way easier for the body to digest and absorb those nutrients and therefore getting rid of that unnecessary bloat.


If you just ate and are incredibly bloated, the last thing you should probably do is sit or lie down on the couch. Take a brisk walk through your neighborhood or do a few twisted stretches. Slowly twisting the body helps fire up that digestion and walking is a great way to ease some of that discomfort. Check out this article by Well + Good for stretches to release that bloating.


So I wouldn’t fast all the time, and I know some people are really into intermittent fasting (which if it works for you then it works for you!) and it might come in handy when you’re trying to ease bloating, gas and discomfort. If you’re super bloated at night after dinner or you accidentally ate too many snacks, wait at least 12 hours before eating your breakfast. For example, if you last ate at 9pm, then wait until at least 9am before breakfast to give your body opportunity to digest the food from the night before. Drink plenty of water when you wake up and start breakfast when you are absolutely hungry. I know this sounds weird, and normally not recommended, but you don’t want to overwhelm your body in times of discomfort. And I’m talking serious bloat, constipation, and discomfort.


If you’re noticing that you’re always bloated before meals and it’s just a constant in your life, I would turn to digestive enzymes, which aid the body in digestion and provide your body additional enzymes to help break down food in your gut. Take before meals and start with three times a day and then eventually use as needed!

So there you have it! There’s other small things you can do like eating your food slowly, keeping your meals a few hours apart, and eating enough vitamins and minerals, but these top five usually never fail me. And doing them all together? Well, you’re golden!

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