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Hydrating Your Skin Through Food!

One thing my skin struggles with during season changes is dryness. I mean, let’s be honest my skin is always dry BUT especially during a season switch. In the past, I’d load my skin up with serums and moisturizer. Also to be fair, my skin is a lot dryer than most, so I’d really need to cake on all the products. This honestly would just irritate my skin even more because it wasn’t used to all the products. On top of dryness I’d have breakouts, in which I’d want to cover with benzoyl peroxide, leaving my skin too dry once again. I learned that you can not only hydrate your skin by what you put on the outside, but on the inside as well.

You can hydrate your skin through food!! While drinking enough water throughout your day is important, most of us forget that we can obtain water in many other forms throughout the day, especially because our body loses about two liters of water a day!! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin through upping more hydrating foods when I feel like my dryness is just out of control, and I don’t want to add more products.

No, you don’t have to eat three pounds of a hydrating food to reap the benefits. Just adding a bit here and there in your diet and throughout the day is sure to give you results within a week. If you’re having difficulty reaching your water intake goals, or if you just don’t like drinking water, remind yourself you can obtain it in other forms. I’m not saying stop drinking water all together, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re eating lots of juicy fruits and vegetables but not meeting your water intake. Your body is smart and knows it’s hydrated.

So, for some of the most hydrating foods we have:

  • Watermelon

  • Spinach

  • Cucumber

  • Strawberry

  • Orange

  • Celery

  • Romaine

  • Tomatoes

  • Bell Peppers

  • Peaches

  • Coconut Oil

These are in no particular order, and the majority of them are at least (if not more) than 75% water. I know most of you like these foods out there so snack on an orange, celery and peanut butter, or watermelon.

I added coconut oil to the list because this one is huge for me. Whenever I feel super dry skin, I think back on how often I’ve been using coconut oil for cooking. If I realize I’ve been using other oils and neglecting my coconut oil, I know it’s a source of my dry skin. My body thrives on coconut oil (for cooking, not applying it to my skin). So try this one out.

Don’t forget your body needs healthy fats to stay hydrated and nourished as well. So while you’re snacking on a fruit or veggie, pair a healthy fat with it like some almond/peanut butter, nuts or seeds, or a dairy free dressing. (Looking at you Tessemae’s!!)

And not only will your skin benefit from these foods, but your whole body as well. You’ll feel more hydrated and nourished in no time!



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