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Hair + Skincare Saviors!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Happy Monday everyone!! Sorry my blogs have been so MIA- it’s been a crazy couple weeks. Let’s recap.

So I had my birthday where I celebrated with close family, then I traveled to Chicago to celebrate my actual birthday evening with my college roommates and best friends. We had such a great time going to dinner and then heading out to the bars. The next morning, I hopped on an early flight to New York City! I used to be an intern in NYC back in 2016, and when I was there, I met two amazing women whom I spent the entire summer having shenanigans with. We lived wild and free that summer and it had been two years since I last saw them, so I was definitely overdue for a trip. We had so much fun heading back to some of our old stomping grounds, catching up, and reminiscing on our crazy summer. And then it took me a hot minute to recover from my weekend and needed some time to get back into a routine and sleep.

THEN this weekend I spent the majority of my time spring cleaning. I know spring isn’t here and it’s not technically spring yet, but I just needed to get ahead of the game and whip everything out. I hadn’t gone through any of my things in two years, so it felt so refreshing to throw away stuff I knew I’d never use and sort through clothes I’d never wear again. I really had to hustle because I’m one of those people that will find old letters and shit and spend hours reading and reminiscing!

But anyways- today I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty saviors that have gotten me through the winter and that I’ll continue to use through the spring.

I have crazy dry skin due to Accutane I took three years ago. Nothing I can’t handle or deal with but it just means I have to be extra on top of my skincare and keeping my skin hydrated and nourished! I also got my hair colored/highlighted back in December. I’ll get my hair done about twice a year and even doing it semiannually, my hair gets so dry.

But so far I’ve found some products that I’m obsessed with!


Living Proof:

Nourishing Oil, stops frizz and adds healthy shine

*not on website


All Soft Mega Hydramelt, all day nourishment for severely dry hair

Living Proof:

Restore Perfecting Spray, a conditioning detangling spray


Serious Color Care, multitasking hair beautifier for perfecting color-treated hair

*Vegan & Sulfate free

I use these products in the order they are listed. Each one can be used individually, but I find my hair gets the best texture and moisture from all three! Plus each of them have a slightly different function from moisturizing, detangling, color-protecting, and hydrating. I put them on after a shower with damp, unbrushed hair which I then brush through to even more thoroughly combine into my hair.



24-7 Moisture, hydrating day and night cream


Rose Glow and Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm


Kefir Moisture Repair Pressed Serum

*Not available


Hemp Infused Body Butter, blended with cypress, frankincense, lavender, clary sage, lemon

I also use these products in the order they are listed. If you have dry, acne prone skin- I think Tula is amazing! I know it’s not for everyone and I’ve had friends that say it doesn’t pair well with their skin, but I’ve been obsessed with them for about four years now. The day and night cream is light and whipped, so it barely feels like anything is on your face. The eye balm is a lifesaver for those late nights or early mornings. The pressed serum I use sparingly when I have extremely dry skin, and I mean to the point where my skin is peeling and I have dry flakes (gross!!) Hello Ned’s body butter is amazing- just the smell alone is so calming and whether or not it’s a placebo, whenever I put it on my muscles immediately relax. It doesn’t necessarily take away the pain but I always feel a little more at ease. Plus, it’s all clean ingredients and a wonderful company!

I have included the link for all these products, and I will be back to regular scheduled blog programming soon enough!

For now, go outside and enjoy the spring weather!



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