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Grocery Store Haul + Holiday Meal Prepping

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Good morning!

So the holidays are in full swing and it’s Christmas week!! I’m so excited to spend time with family and friends and then head out west to Colorado!

This week I decided to do a grocery haul and show what it’s like to stay on a healthy eating track during the holidays/a busy time. I love that the holidays are filled with goodies, but I also love knowing that I’m prepared with a clean meal because BALANCE!

The holidays are definitely a fluid time when it comes to food because you’re either hosting meals for a bunch of people or your heading somewhere where you might be unsure of what’s on the menu. That’s why I think that it’s so important that when you have meals to yourself/down time during the holidays, you’re getting in lots of greens and a healthy source of fat!

This grocery trip didn’t involve too many vegetables, as we already had plenty on hand. The trick is to stick with the perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find your fruits and veggies, dairy, eggs, meats, fish, etc. basically all your fresh, whole foods. Then you’ll want to stick to the middle isles for all your condiments, nuts/seeds, snacks, and the like.

So I’d say this is a pretty accurate representation of what I usually get at the grocery store. Let me preface by saying I’m pretty bad at making lists or keeping track of when I need a certain item. I kind of just go to the store when I know I need like an extra avocado or some bananas, etc. I’m not organized, and I don’t plan out a budget (which I should) so I definitely don’t want this to be a post about how I’ve got the perfect system down for grocery shopping- I don’t. I don’t know how people can have one certain day of the week to grocery shop and meal prep. My life is too dynamic and I’m too unpredictable for that shit. Maybe one day when I have kids I’ll be forced into a system. But for now, I just wing it.

I’d say once every couple months I’ll hit up Whole Foods for big hauls for my favorite condiments and brands I can’t find anywhere else. Otherwise, you’ll find me at Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Better Health.

Healthy eating definitely doesn’t have to be hard- I have a whole post about seasonal fruits and vegetables and the dirty dozen and clean fifteen that makes it easy to know when to buy organic and when not to buy organic- if you’re into that.

So let’s dive into my items:

Fruits and Veg:


-Tri colored carrots






-Spaghetti squash

Meat and Seafood:

-Frozen salmon (farm-raised; not the best but it’ll do for now)

-Applegate sugar-free bacon

-Applegate sliced turkey breast

-Applegate chicken sausage

The Rest:

-Nature's Path Organics gluten free oatmeal

-Enjoy Life chocolate chips


-Extra virgin olive oil

-Udi’s Gluten free bread


-Tessemae’s ranch

-Justin’s almond butter packets

-Coconut milk (I alternate between almond and coconut)

-Organic Valley Ghee

-Purely Elizabeth granola

-Tomato sauce

-GoMacro bars

-Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

-Intelligentsia coffee

-Maple Syrup

So like I said, I like going to Whole Foods to stock up on my snacks and will usually save my produce for Trader Joe’s. Plus, with this week being crazy with the holidays, I want to make sure I have clean snacks on hand. Also during the holidays I tend to eat more bread, as it’s super easy to just whip up a sandwich or some avocado toast for breakfast.

The trick for the holidays is to just make sure you have your favorite produce on hand, an easy source of protein and healthy fat. That way, you can easily whip something up. For example, I may cut up some carrots, chicken sausage, and spinach into a pan on the stove, cook up and top with some avocado for an easy, well-rounded meal. With frozen salmon, I can cook a few up at once and have to throw in with some spinach or arugula topped with my dairy free ranch. So easy!

The holidays are filled with indulgence and that’s a big part of the holidays for a lot of us. Enjoy the indulgences, but also show your body kindness by sticking some normalcy around eating. Gotta be flexible, but remember your body your choices!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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