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Gluten-Free Seattle Eats!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Happy *end of* Monday!

Last weekend I went to Seattle and absolutely loved it. I think at this point I’ve decided that I’m a city girl. I went to school in Chicago and living in the city was one of my favorite things. I love the hustle and bustle and the beauty of a concrete jungle. I also had an internship in NYC for three months and that just solidified my love for big cities. I would live in NYC in a heartbeat despite Chicago still having my heart. I love the uniqueness of cities and all they have to offer.

Basically when I go to a new city I only plan out the restaurants. When we got to Seattle, my friend asked what adventures I had planned and I literally only planned out the food. Because traveling is all about food, right? We did other excursions as well, but I did indeed eat my way through Seattle. No regrets. I loved every second.

Our first restaurant was Portage Bay Cafe- South Lake Union location.

This place was amazing. If you have food allergies or want to eat vegan and gluten free- this place is perfect. I ordered the Farmer’s Hash and my friend ordered the Dungeness Crab Grilled Cheese. We both wanted savory and sweet, so we decided to split a plate of the Classic French Toast (GF of course). What we loved about this place was their pancake and french toast bar. They had every topping imaginable from fruit, whipped cream, nuts, butter, and chocolate chips. You could pile on all that you wanted and dig in!

For dinner we went to Umi Sake House.

This place had amazing sushi and we ordered about five different roles. On their menu, everything that is gluten free is labeled so that made it super easy to order instead of being annoying and asking the waiter about every single item I wanted to order. This place was hopping on a Friday night- highly recommend.

A great place for craft cocktails and beer would be Capitol Cider.

My friend and I were craving a good burger and fries before a night out and this place looked like it checked all of our boxes. I loved this place not only because it had dairy free, egg free, vegetarian and vegan labels on the menu, but they are a 100% gluten free and peanut free kitchen. Both my friend and I ordered the half pound burger (mine with no bun) and fries. The cocktail I ordered was Ignatious Sancho- citrusy, refreshing and light. If you’re in the Seattle area, this place will hit the spot.

Of course, no one can go to Seattle without hitting up Public Market.

I found the best gluten free macaroons at Three Girls Bakery. One chocolate and one vanilla. They were so good I went back for two more. If you ever visit Public Market, know that you’ll find plenty of gluten free options.

After Public Market we happened to stumble upon Jujubeet, a cute little cafe/smoothie bar.

I was in desperate need of a green smoothie so I ordered the Power Green with pear, spinach, kale, lemon, banana and ginger to help fight some inflammation! It was delicious and it was so cozy inside and i could have curled up in there with a good book all day!

Probably the most popular place we went was Biscuit Bitch!

They have multiple locations in the city and the bombest biscuits in the land. They even have gluten free so I was able to experience this place to the fullest. I ordered my biscuit with their original and house made PB&J. Granted we were already pretty full when we got there but couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this place. You can get your biscuit topped with eggs, gravy, bacon, sausage, Nutella, whipped cream, and more!

Finally, we ended our trip with some ice cream from Salt & Straw.

This place smelled and tasted divine. They have gluten free and dairy free options.

I opted for an almond brittle/chocolate combo and it was the sweetest way to end our trip.

For more Seattle finds, follow the link to get the best of the best gluten free options!



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