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Five At-Home Workouts To Get You Through Quarantine

Updated: Apr 21

For the first week or so of isolation, I was feeling pretty unmotivated to workout, exercise or do any sort of movement. Even walks I wasn’t into. I was so used to the luxury of having a facility to go to everyday, get my hour workout in, and move on with my day. With group fitness, my class time was already predetermined, scheduled around the rest of my day and work, so I was mentally prepared as to when I would sweat and shred.

Sure I went on a few runs outside when this isolation first started, but I need a plan and something laid out for me instead of waking up every day and being like “hmm what do I feel like doing today?” because the answer will be nothing!

Luckily I already had a few ebooks on hand, as I would do them the days I didn’t have time to go to workout at the gym or just felt like staying in the house.

Once it was announced that quarantine would last at least until April 30th- I knew I needed a plan, some structure with my movement and exercise or else it would be a roller coaster, personally.

So I’m here to share with you some of the ebooks and workout plans I am following- and why I love them- if you’re in need of some guidance! There are so many ebooks, workouts on youtube, and Instagram pages hosting live classes, it can be overwhelming with what to pick and you feel sort of in a frenzy as to which workout to choose.

So, here are my favorites but definitely head over to the owner’s website to learn more and decide if the purchase is beneficial for you!

Paleomg’s Power Program

So I’ve talked about Juli Bauer from Paleomg before. Love her and her content. I’ve followed her for YEARS so when she was coming out with her Power Program, I knew her workouts were going to be not only killer and sweaty, but also versatile. Her ebook is a three month program with an arm day, two leg days, HIIT day, and full body sweat day- with two rest days. Each workout offers a beginners version and advanced version, both sure to get you sweating and muscles burning! (In the best way) So honestly anyone can do her workouts, she even has demo videos that come along with it so you can see the movement being done. Seriously, check it out. One week in and I’m obsessed.

P.S. This one comes with a recipe ebook as well if bought in a bundle!!

Sarah’s Day Sweat It To Shred It

Sarah from Sarah’s Day is also someone I’ve followed for a while, about two years. By the time I came across her platform, her eight week ebook was already released. When I was looking for some at-home workouts to do about a year ago, I figured I’d give hers a go since her exercises require no weights- it’s all body weight exercises! This may be a huge factor for some that don’t have access to weights or equipment at home during this time. Her workouts are divided up between sweaty shredders, toning power, challenge days, activity days, ab blasters and more. I’m seriously drenched in sweat after every workout. Some days are slow and controlled- really giving you that burn and some days you have your heart rate spiked the whole time, which feels so good after and, for me, helps rid some of that anxiety during this time.

Orangetheory Fitness At-Home Workouts

Once quarantine really started to become a normality for most of the country, and many if not all OTFs closed down, OTF Corporate released free at-home workouts. These can be found on the Orangetheory Fitness website, or you can download the Orangetheory Fitness app and access them from the homepage! I LOVE OTF. When conducted in the studio, the workouts are an hour full-body workout focusing on heart-rate training and led by a certified fitness coach. The at-home workouts get creative with items around your house you can use as weights ultimately making the workouts not only fun, but effective!

Studio Three Instagram Live

Studio Three is by far my favorite yoga studio! Located in Chicago, they’ve turned to Instagram live to conduct their classes. Not typically at their normal class time, but head over to their Instagram page to stay updated. They offer other workouts besides yoga, but if you need a little time to stretch and get the blood flowing for a rest day, this is perfect! All I had to do was roll out of bed, lay out my mat, and I was ready to go! @studiothreechi

NRC Training Plans

If you’re looking to improve your outdoor running during this isolation but need a plan and schedule? Nike offers free training PDFs for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon training. Everything is laid out for you as far as pacing, mileage, rest days, recovery days and everything in between. Training varies in length depending on the distance you choose, but it could be anywhere from eight to eighteen weeks. Chances are you’re not running an actual race anytime soon, but who says you can’t do it on your own or just get ahead of the game? Head to their website to learn more!

So that’s what I’ve got for you! I didn’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of different plans, and I wouldn’t recommend a plan or ebook I haven’t used myself. I love all of these options and have all benefited me with my fitness goals and training. Plus, there’s variety here and that’s important too! Don’t let yourself get bored and don’t forget those long walks!

Stay healthy, happy and safe!


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