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Do I Need Supplements?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hello everyone!

So today I wanted to tackle a pretty big topic that never seems to go away- the question on whether or not we need supplements.

Now to preface, I am not a professional. Everything on my blog and in this post is 100% my opinion, from my experience and perspective. Take it with a grain of salt. Of course I hope my opinion benefits you and gives you more information to help further your health goals, but by no means is anything backed by science. And of course, my body is totally different from yours so whatever works for me, may not work for you and vice versa!

I am by no means here to tell you taking supplements is either good or bad. You do what’s best for your body!

ANYWAYS. So supplements. There are so many different types of supplements ranging from protein powders, pills, liquid drops. And then it dives even deeper than that when we talk about quantities and quality. It can be really overwhelming and it always seems like there’s something new on the market or ads saying that we NEED to take this and we HAVE to take that in order to reach optimal health. We’re bombarded and if you’re like me, you don’t want to be swallowing fifteen pills in the morning or dumping ten different protein powders into your smoothie.

So, in my opinion, supplements are just what they say they are. A supplement. A supporter of health, an addition. An added benefit that supports your health but isn’t the end all be all in determining your health. Not a replacement or miracle worker. When I talk about supplements, I mean everything under the sun of protein powders, whey or plant based, vitamin, mineral, and herb pills, liquid drops of essential oils, etc. Hopefully you get the idea.

I believe that it is 100% possible for all of us to receive all the benefits and health aids we need from whole, nutritious foods. Eating a healthful diet abundant in veggies, fruit, health fats, meats, fish, eggs, superfoods, and lots of water will give us the vitamins and minerals we need for optimal health. (Given you don’t have any existing health concerns).

Now piggy backing off of that (and possibly slightly contradictory) supplements can come in handy and elevate your health and wellness. Even I take supplements on a daily basis. Although I eat a diet paleo based 80% of the time, ensuring I have veggies with every meal and eating a variety of colors, supplements are still something I turn to.

With really waked out digestion and still in the process of understanding the root, supplements have been a great aid and supporter! I do not use them with the intention of replacing fiber or my greens that are essential for healthy digestion.

What’s also really important, I think, is not jumping into supplements the second something goes wrong our you feel depleted of something. I tried for a long time to alleviate my symptoms with whole foods. After realizing my body needed support is when I turned to my supplements.

Some of my favs include Vital Proteins collagen (see last post!), Sarahs Day Body Bloom, UltraFlora probiotics, digestive enzymes (generic), and my latest find Slippery Elm. Still too early to determine if slippery elm is helpful or not, but the rest have been amazing in ensuring things run smoothly.

So basically- if you’re on the fence about supplements, I suggest looking at your diet first and seeing if you need to increase your intake of foods with say more magnesium or potassium, for example. If after a month or so things still don’t feel right (or if your doctor recommends something else) try out a supplement after doing some research and reading up on brands. Give the supplement about a month to show its true benefits and continue moving forward with your health from there.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Really tune in to what your body is telling you, and first, how you can use whole, nutritiously abundant foods to your advantage and providing yourself the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Anyway, rant over. I hope this was helpful in understanding where to start with your health when you feel a deprivation and feel like you need to take ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS you see on social media. No worries, I feel that too!

Give your body time, tap into its needs and the rest will follow!



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