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Discovering More Through Quarantine

I honestly don’t think I could find one word to describe quarantine. For myself, and I’m sure for many others, it’s been a variety of emotions throughout. Although it isn’t over, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Maybe we all needed a little self-reflection time, but I can honestly say I’ve discovered more through quarantine.

Body positivity and kindness

I don’t know about you but my body has gone through many stages from needing comfort food, emotional support, challenging me at new movements, carrying me more miles than I’ve done since the marathon, adapting and changing to all these crazy emotions. Throughout it all, I’ve appreciated my body showing up for me- allowing me to nourish, move and engage. Normally I’d get all down on myself for needing a rest day or craving bunches of chocolate- but it all works out in the balance of life and at the end of the day, it’s just about loving yourself.

Redefining fitness and movement

I used to think that more was more, but now I’m beginning to see that less is more. Just because I have all the hours in the day to workout, doesn’t mean I want to spend them all exerting my body. Spending just 20-30 minutes on a workout has been doing wonders and allowing me to still have the energy to take long walks with family and friends. It’s changed my mentality on fitness and that you don’t always have to push your body to extraordinary limits every time. Moving your body in whichever way seems fit will be the best for you.

Finding my flexibility

Before quarantine, I was the least flexible person despite the amount of times a week I would go to yoga. I thought yoga twice a week was all the stretching I needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While in quarantine, I’ve been stretching everyday and one day it just hit me how juicier my ligaments have become. It’s been a game changer and my body feels more able to bounce back- plus I have more energy just from stretching daily! Wakes up the body.

Finding new ways to self-care

Normally my self care would consist of face and hair masks, working out, taking a bubble bath, etc. but during this time your body and soul needs a little extra self-love and in different ways. I found that even the simple things like putting on mascara, taking a walk around the block, lighting a candle at night, staying in bed for the day or cleaning my room had a huge impact on my mood for the next day. I realized that my original examples of self-care for myself, like getting a Starbucks iced coffee everyday, wasn’t entirely necessary. Discovering different ways to self-care are things I can carry through once the stay-at-home ends.

So to wrap this up, I hope you have been discovering more about yourself and your needs during this time. Despite your circumstances, it can be a pivotal moment in learning something new about yourself and your needs. Self-care is so important during this time and even if you’re swamped with work, kids, and life- remember it can be the simple things (like putting on mascara) that make a difference in your day. Taking care of yourself FIRST and being able to show up for yourself FIRST means you can show up for others.



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