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Digestion Aids: How To Use Them, Their Benefits + A Look Back On 2019

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Happy Friday!

It’s crazy to think we’re about to wrap up 2019. What a year it’s been. It's got me thinking that I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on my digestion and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Since 2019 felt like it was all about experimentation, I want 2020 to be about finding consistency in incorporating digestive supplements into my life.

This post may be a little similar to my post about supplements, but I wanted to take a trip down memory lane of all the digestive aids I used this year- what I liked, what I didn’t like, how to use them and their benefits.

Having happy and healthy digestion is so important. If you’re digestion isn’t happy, you’re not happy. Well you can definitely be happy, but still worrying about your tummy and in a constant state of discomfort is no way to live. It may seem like I take a lot of supplements for my digestion, but I’ve found ways to incorporate them into my life so that it doesn’t feel forced. The last thing I want is to be taking ten million pills. For example, taking my body bloom with my water in the morning or adding my collagen to my coffee (that I’m obviously going to drink anyway)

If you’re struggling with gut health, please go consult a doctor or talk with someone at your local health food store to guide you in the right direction. I know- it can be super overwhelming to find something that will work for you. I only tried things based on a practitioners advice or someone I’ve known (or been following) for a long time and know their history is similar to mine. Think about what your body needs first and if you’re not 100% sure about it, don’t try it!

Here are my digestive supplements of 2019:


I feel like this is a number one game changer. I completely destroyed my gut flora after using Accutane and once I started taking probiotics, I noticed a huge difference in my bowels and bloating. Get the kind you need to store in the fridge, as it’s of better quality. Also, for me it works best to take in the morning with a huge glass of water on an empty stomach. Some of the probiotics say on the bottle to take with food, but I just find it works better on my system on an empty stomach.


Also a game changer and obviously not one you buy at the store, but man does water make or break my digestion throughout the day. I need to start the day with at least 24oz of water and continuously drink throughout the day in order for everything to stay lubricated and come out easy the other end. I learned about drinking water the hard way and some days I would realize it’s 5pm and I haven’t drank any water yet and then I’m sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes wondering why I can’t poop.


Kombucha saved my life during the summer. Since in the summer the sun is out so much later, you typically stay up later, eat later, or enjoy a bonfire full of smores late into the night. My stomach hates eating late, but of course I want to enjoy myself. Making sure I had a kombucha handy was so helpful. It contains healthy bacteria for the gut, fruit juice and either black or green tea. It usually would only take me half the bottle to start to feel better and then I could save the other half for later.


These have been helpful to take as needed. Before a meal if you’re already feeling a bit backed up. Read ingredient labels and make sure you’re good with everything!


So I tried aloe vera juice and hated it! Honestly, I didn’t give it much of a chance but I took it every morning for about two weeks. I would take about an ounce or two and shoot it back on an empty stomach. It tasted nasty and I know two weeks isn’t enough time to see results, but I didn’t see the value in continuing to take something I dreaded to take every morning. Trying to make my stomach happy!!


Can’t say enough amazing things about collagen. I take it every morning in my coffee. I have a full post about it here!!


I started taking Sarahs Day Body Bloom back in October. Decided to see what all the hype was about and figured it couldn’t hurt. Well I love it. Not only has it been amazing for skin health, but my digestion as well! I put a scoop in my water every morning and it’s the first supplement I take. Before my collagen, probiotic, coffee etc.


Okay honestly this is an obvious one too and not exactly a supplement, but I think we can all agree that coffee is poop juice. I don’t know how or why but whenever I drink my morning coffee, I gotta go after! Even in the middle of the day if I’m having trouble passing a bowl, I’ll grab myself a coffee to help pass. You should try it because coffee tastes amazing too.


I just recently started trying this and you just place a couple drops under your tongue as needed and it’s supposed to help with bloating and gas. It’s only been a week of me taking them so stay tuned!


I mentioned slippery elm on my Instagram a few weeks back, and so far I love it! I take it with my digestive enzyme as needed and it has worked wonders. I honestly believe it works better than the enzyme. Sometimes I’ll take it alone and helps everything move along smoothly.

So there you have it. Basically a day in the digestive health life looks like:

Waking up and drinking a glass full of water (16-24oz) with a teaspoon of body bloom. Then taking my probiotic. Then either when I get to work or later in the morning I’ll have my black coffee with a scoop of collagen and coconut creamer. Before or after lunch I’ll take slippery elm and a digestive enzyme. Throughout the day I’ll take a few drops of digestive bitters and drink lots of water!! Might possibly have more coffee because I’m addicted. Then after dinner if I really need to I’ll take another slippery elm and digestive enzyme. Finally, finish off the night with a big jar of water, about 24oz so that I poop in the morning.

Hopefully this helps, and if you have found anything that works please reach out and let me know! Always willing to try new things!



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