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Clean Eating + Alcohol

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Listen up!! Today I want to talk about clean eating but also wanting to drink alcohol.

I’ve definitely struggled with this- wanting to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle but also drink alcohol every weekend, but I’m also twenty-four where many of my friends and family like to go out and drink on a Friday or Saturday night.

I struggled a long time with not being able to balance the two. I would go out on a Friday night, get drunk, (totally fine) but then eat foods that I knew would upset my stomach later, but in the moment felt great because I was super hungover!

Or even better, eat foods I knew would upset me when I was still drunk so you’re not really thinking long-term. You’re just like, I need all the greasy food now!

I want to preface, there’s nothing wrong with any of this. I look back on drunk nights with friends fondly. Some of our funniest of when we’re all out at the bar dancing the night away. There’s also nothing wrong with staying sober- I’ve definitely done this and still have had a hell of a night. You can have fun with alcohol and without.

For me, I experienced a lot of guilt around drinking alcohol. I felt like since I really wanted to focus on my healthy lifestyle and maintaining my gut health, I couldn’t go out and drink and have fun. Or if I did go out and drink, I felt extremely guilty the next day or like I was “off track.”

I’ll admit, it’s really hard to balance. It came to a point where I had to just take it event by event. Like if my friends spontaneously invited me to go out, I would decide in the moment and look ahead to what I had going on the next day or days, and decide if I wanted to drink or not.

If I had an event I knew was coming up, where I would definitely want to drink- I knew I needed a plan for the next day.

That’s where meal prep came in handy and drinking tons of water the day before to prepare my body.

If you’re like me and you want to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and diet, but also live in an environment of drinking (and want to participate) plan, plan, plan! It’s so helpful to have a healthy ish meal planned for the next day and a revival plan. If your night of drinking is unplanned, be sure to drink a ton of water beforehand or in between drinks. You’ll be way less likely to wake up with a hangover (I’m sure you already know this)

But most importantly, don’t feel guilty for whatever lifestyle you choose. Drink, don’t drink, whatever! But don’t let anyone or yourself make you feel guilty for your choices. You know whether the decisions you make are best for you or not. Nobody else knows your lifestyle or intentions. You can still drink alcohol and have a “balanced” lifestyle, it’s just all about finding out what works for you.

Now, I’m a 0 or 100% type of drinker, so I plan accordingly to that. But do what works for you. If you’re not comfortable drinking yet and still trying to get back on track with eating (and that could mean with an eating disorder if you’re going through the re-feeding process) you have permission to make up an excuse if you still want to go out.

Both are definitely manageable! I’m a big believer in not having to give up anything you love, even with clean eating. You can always make replicas of your favorite foods with cleaner ingredients and still enjoy your favorite cocktails, because life is too short. BUT if it doesn’t serve you, then it doesn’t serve you.

Be confident in your decisions and do what’s best for you body. Alcohol or no alcohol!



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