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Cincinnati Finds!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020


Better late than never, but a little roundup of some of the favorite spots I happened upon in Cincinnati with friends! We had SO much fun in Cincinnati, I cried when I left because friends are just the best thing ever. We laughed so much that weekend and were just silly and carefree. We went down to Cincinnati in the first place for a wedding, so it was just a magical weekend all around.

We arrived on a Friday night, and our first spot was Pontiac for a great BBQ dinner and drinks!

I had some chicken wings with the Smooth Criminal cocktail with bulliet bourbon, domaine de canton, honey syrup, rosemary, lemon, soda and blackberry shrub ice. It was light and sweet and refreshing and everything I love in a cocktail.

Saturday was pretty relaxing- we just stayed near the hotel doing a little shopping and getting ready for the wedding!!

Sunday we got up and headed out for brunch! We went to Sleepy Bee Cafe-

a cute little cafe with vegan and gluten free options!! I love when a restaurant has options for my friends who are not vegan or gluten free and whatnot, but also has options for folks like myself as well! I ordered the Ember Avo Toast with gluten free bread- this was divine- then of course I had to try the Bee Cakes (gluten free pancakes). I’ve never tried gluten free pancakes that are so fluffy and airy. It was amazing!

After brunch we rounded our way to Findlay Market. It was so fun walking around all the little shops, buying coffee and chocolates! I found the BEST peppermint matcha. Just those two ingredients. I’ve been obsessed with putting it in my smoothies. With cacao nibs. It tastes like a chocolate peppermint shake. (More to come!)

Later my friend and I stumbled upon 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab.

We didn’t get any wine, but I did have a tasty and balanced columbian pour over coffee. Great place to relax, read a book, do some homework, or chat with a friend over a nice glass of wine or warming cup of coffee.

Fast forward a few hours- we walked a ton! Exploring the city and visiting Kentucky for a vast view of the city, it was all so fun! I was so pleasantly surprised by Cincinnati’s availability of gluten free and dairy free options.

I wish I had more options to share, but we didn’t get around as much as we’d like, with our focus on the wedding! But for now, these will get you started!




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