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Chicago Favorites- Cafes, Juice Bars + More!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

So in the midst of all the hype around NEDAwareness Week, I still want to share my Chicago favorites from the other weekend.

I love Chicago- it has a special place in my heart and every time I go back there I find myself visiting the same places over and over again. It’s just habitual at this point!

My favorite spots are anywhere that involve food or coffee- are you surprised? Don’t get me wrong there are so many other places that are not on this list that are my favorites but you can only include so much! Maybe I’ll do a part two.

Ellipsis Coffeehouse

Maybe I’m biased about this place because I worked here all throughout college- but specialty coffee drinks, single-origin espresso and freshly brewed coffee with flavor notes that hits just the right spot. Plus fresh baked goods! Honestly, the black coffee for me does the trick every time and I love cozying up at a table for hours with my coffee. Simple pleasures.

City Press Juice and Bottle

If you’re a lover of juice like me, then you’ll find there’s no place like City Press. They make their juices in small batch, loaded with fruits and vegetables, and all organic no exceptions. I have yet to find another juice that matches their smoothness and perfect balancing of the flavors.

Plus, they’ve got superfood blends that I crave quite regularly and so many tasty gluten-free and vegan treats. My favorite part might also be that they list three benefits of that juice on the back of the bottle so you know exactly how your juice is activating in your body!

Sol Cafe

Another one of my favorite coffee shops I frequent in Chicago. I love their food. Hands down such a great quick breakfast spot and all clean ingredients! The vibe has me hanging out there for hours and coffee is excellent. They change their menu regularly, so I’m always finding something different to try! Plus once in a while I’ll dabble and try one of their specialty latte drinks- never disappoints.


If you haven’t tried Sweetgreen, be prepared to be amazed by this upscale salad bar. They’ve got all the greens and fresh vegetables you could ever want to add into your salad, plus the dressings are insanely delicious. I’m obsessed with their pesto dressing but this weekend I tried their cesar dressing and it was equally amazing. They have a menu of salads you can choose from or you can build your own! Trust me when I say if you aren’t a salad person now, you will be when you eat Sweetgreen.

Studio Three/Graze

My favorite workout facility in Chicago is Studio Three- I’m OBSESSED with their yoga classes. I was so devastated when I moved and had to cancel my membership there- but I always try my best to hit a class when I’m back in town. My go-to class is there Hot Power Flow, which includes sixty minutes of hot vinyasa. The teachers are always so present, there is natural lighting, and the flow moves at just the right pace, always. I always leave the room feeling like I got exactly what I needed without even knowing it.

After class, when I head downstairs, they have a smoothie/acai bowl bar called Graze. OMG SO GOOD. Also all clean ingredients, and I just have to treat myself to a big acai bowl.

So while these are my top must-hit places when I go to Chicago, this list doesn’t even cover my favorite breakfast spots, cocktail places, activities, etc. This is a pretty solid list if you’re in Chicago for a short trip and want some clean eats while you’re there.

Maybe I’ll do a part two that includes a more extensive list if you’re looking to go for a longer period of time! So with that said, more to come!



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