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Cacao-Mint Smoothie!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hey everyone!

Surprise surprise I have another smoothie recipe for ya! This one is a little more versatile and will roll you right into St. Patty’s day. But a thing about smoothies first-

Currently on the Whole30, and typically, smoothies aren’t suggested to consume on the Whole30. For most they say, smoothies won’t fill you up the same as eating/chewing your food will. Which I 100% get and agree with to some extent. Usually if I’m having a smoothie, I do use it as a meal replacement because I make sure it is balanced with a carb, fat and protein. Plus, I’ll turn it into a smoothie bowl with nuts, goji berries, or cacao nibs on top so that while I’m eating my smoothie, I’m also chewing food so my brain detects and understands that I’m eating a meal and mentally and physically it’ll satiate me longer!

Also, I’ve been making smoothies for a LONG ASS time and will drink/eat them for breakfast or lunch quite often, so I feel my body is used to this routine. If you’re body is not used to having a smoothie for a meal, it might be harder to satiate yourself. I would also recommend, if you would like to start using smoothies as meal replacements, incorporate them in during lunch time. For breakfast, have something hearty and full of protein and fat like eggs, bacon or avocado so you don’t spike in blood sugar.

And I’m not saying to use smoothies as a meal replacement to lose weight because it’s still a meal! I make sure mine are full of hearty foods and enough calories, but since I have such a difficult time with digestion, starting my morning off with a smoothie or making it my second meal, just makes my day easier and gives my digestion a small rest.

Obviously, this is all coming from experience and knowledge of reading Whole30 books and doing Whole30s in the past. You know your body more than anyone so make decisions based on YOU, YOUR BODY and YOUR EXPERIENCES!!

Okay rant over- here is the recipe (probs what you really came here for)

Cacao Mint Smoothie!


1 cup of water

1 large banana

1 tbsp walnuts

1 tbsp cashew butter

1 large handful of mint leaves (washed)

1 tbsp chia seeds

½ frozen zucchini

1 cup of spinach

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 tbsp cacao nibs


First, start by washing your mint leaves and gently drying. Then, add all your ingredients into a blender adding more mint or cacao nibs to get desired mintiness or cacaoness!

(Depending on whether you want it to taste more chocolaty or minty) This recipe is pretty balanced with both.

If you desire more sweetness, add in one to two dates!

Pour into a cup and drink up or save for later!

Mint is so beneficial-

-Aids in digestion (yes, please!)

-Curing headaches

-Calming effect

-Alleviating swelling or inflammation

-Has antibacterial properties

-Rich in nutrients

-Increases circulation in the body

It’s like you’re eating chocolate chip mint ice cream!!



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