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At-Home Workout Essentials


With COVID still in full swing and most people I’m sure still working out at home, I’m here to bring you all the info you need! I have been to the gym once and had to wear a mask. It wasn’t bad, but if I can get in great workouts from home, then I think I’ll just stick to that.

During stay-at-home, I got into a really great workout routine. Using Sarah’s Day and Juli’s Paleomg workouts, I was set. I know there are a ton of other great workouts out there and you can even make up your own, but having the right equipment is key too. You really don’t have to go spend a few hundreds of dollars on equipment- it’s super easy to just grab a few essentials and work with what you got. It won’t be the same as having a wide range of machines or dumbbells, but if you’re desperate enough to workout or still want to move your body, having the basics will get you by.

If you don’t have any equipment at all (and I know dumbbell prices are sky high right now) then find a body weight program or google body weight exercises online. You may be skeptical at first, but finding a variety of movements is sure to mix up your workouts and give you the burn or movement you’re looking for. Plus, nothing wrong with long runs, walks, and stretching.

But for now, here is a list of my essential workout equipment that I utilize everyday and keeps my workouts interesting and challenging.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is perfect for bodyweight workouts. If you’re following a bodyweight program or you’re only willing to splurge a tiny bit on equipment, then this is the first thing you should get. Definitely a must. (Unless you’ve got a nice carpet and you can do without) I bought this yoga mat for a decent price. Since I use it everyday, worth the purchase.


I know these are super expensive right now. Like crazy expensive. If you can, find a friend who is willing to share dumbbells with you and switch off sets every week or so. Or if you know someone who isn’t using theirs, ask to buy them. I got lucky and found a family member not using their dumbbells. You never know who has them stashed in their basement. If not, find an object around your house that could replicate a dumbbell. Milk jugs, metal water bottles filled with water, a full backpack, anything!

Mini Bands

You can get mini bands for super cheap and they are so versatile! I love them because they are a great replacement for dumbbells when you’re looking for resistance training. Since dumbbells are so expensive now, and if you feel like you can live without, snag some minibands and you’re sure to feel the burn. These mini bands here are amazing

Running Belt/Waistband

If you’re not looking to get dumbbells or minibands and have just been keeping your workouts simple with running, then getting a belt is a must!! It’s lifesaving when you need to pack away your keys, phone, snacks, tape, etc. I use it even if I’m going out on a super short run.

Water Bottle

Finally, if you want to top it all off treat yourself and get a nice water bottle to use during your workouts and throughout the day!

The most important thing is that you move your body regularly, even if it’s a brisk walk or five minute stretch in your room. You’ll feel so much better even after just a little blood flow gets moving. Speaking of, that’s where I’m off to! Going to walk around and get myself energized!



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