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All About Acupuncture

Updated: Apr 21, 2020


Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today I wanted to share my acupuncture experience, as I have been going for the past three months. This year has included many breakdowns over my digestive distress and health, but it was a few months ago that I just needed to dive in and begin trying anything that might make a difference. I was in the mindset that I needed just one quick fix or one doctor to be able to have one appointment with and be able to tell me exactly what’s been going wrong and how to fix it. That’s not realistic by any means, so I figured I’d start with baby steps.

One of my neighbors actually recommended acupuncture for me and gave me the name of her practitioner. I figured it couldn’t hurt and knew it probably wouldn’t make me 100% but it would be a start in the right direction.

I obviously knew beforehand that the basis acupuncture was all about sticking needles into your body, but I didn’t understand how it worked or the true benefits it had on the body.

So basically- and a lot of this is quoted from the website of my practitioner so that I wouldn’t mess up and that I would provide accurate information- I wanted to sum up what acupuncture is and how it works within the body before diving into my experience.

From the words of Acupuncture Health Center of Michigan:

“Acupuncture is based on the theory that the body is a network of vital energy. Energy moves through our body along our meridians or pathways. These meridians connect to our internal organs and it is thought that a healthy body is one in which the energy is free flowing and moving effortlessly. When we experience symptoms, our body is out of balance. Acupuncture therapy restores proper balance and function of the body.”

When you’re attending your first visit, the practitioner will determine specific acupuncture points along the meridians to stimulate a healing response in the nervous system. Our nervous system then releases natural relaxation and pain relieving neurotransmitters!

Acupuncture uses single use needles where the needles vary in length and width (depending on what your practitioner decides based on your health concerns and symptoms) and the needles are stuck onto the surface of your skin, not into the veins or arteries.

So when I first went in for my appointment, my appointment was about an hour and a half long. When I was there, I conducted a long health assessment with my practitioner where we discussed my health history, diet, exercise, current health state, symptoms, concerns, etc. She then checked my pulse and tongue, which can give the practitioner insight into your digestive health.

Following that, we went into the actual acupuncture therapy where my practitioner placed the needles on certain acupuncture points that are meant to stimulate digestive organs and relieve digestive distress. These places included points on my feet, knees, ears, stomach, hands, and the crown of my head.

You remain with the needles in the skin for about an hour, which honestly, I fell asleep every time. At first, the needles do feel a bit achy and sore but after a while you can feel your blood flow throughout your body and you are completely relaxed.

For me, my first few sessions were all within two weeks. So I believe I went about three or four times in two weeks. Then my sessions were every other week for about two sessions. Now my sessions are about three weeks apart and will continue to grow further apart depending on my health status. My practitioner also prescribed some supplements, which have been helping immensely.

Overall, I have loved acupuncture. No, I’m not 100%, but I feel without it I’d still be in a lot more discomfort and gut distress than I was a few months ago. Even with the alcohol I have been consuming lately, my gut is able to bounce back faster than it would have been.

Please reach out if you have any questions about acupuncture or whether it’s right for you. Definitely check out the website I linked. I highly recommend acupuncture for a variety of health concerns as it works the whole body.

Hope you found this informative and helpful!

Enjoy your day,



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